Who is wil francis dating

However, when Catherine Mary tells of Nostradamus' prophecy of her causing Francis death, she did not believe it.When Aylee's death occurred, she realized what Nostradamus meant when he said that Aylee would never return to her home.

Their maternal half siblings Jordan Masterson and Alanna Masterson are also actors.He went off in search of Lola, leaving Mary heartbroken.After Francis returned to court with Lola as he didn't allow her to leave and take the baby with her, Mary was continually hurt seeing her husband with Lola and the baby.They were soulmates bound by their love for one another and by their crowns and kingdoms.During the series, they had many complications and obstacles try to come between them; such as Olivia, Bash, Condé and the prophecy but have managed to overcome these.

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