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Furthermore, he is not an actor who desires to be typecast–on the contrary, he wants to do it all.

And there is no doubt that directing and writing are something that ignites an inextinguishable flame within him.

With the addition of Lucas Bryant to the pool of handsome, charming men who could act with depth, grace, and even sophistication, Lucas was a sagacious addition on the part of the network. No, I loved it, and I really want to do–or try to do–something that I loved. And so I heard that she was cast, and I thought maybe there was an in for me. They saw that I could be this insane person and a totally normal person. David Winning was the director of Was that your first time to work with him? I had heard good things from other people who had worked with him. My character is Colin, and he is the CFO of a tech company. Rachael and Travis who plays Will, are both lovely people. We got along like a house on fire, though I really don’t understand that saying. It was a real pleasure to have met and worked with both of them. I always appreciate Hallmark films that are usually very light and funny because so much of what’s on TV today is very heavy and intense. Yeah, I directed an episode of I’ve shadowed directors as much as I could and as long as I could in the hopes of one day getting to direct myself. I was terrified and just completely overwhelmed the whole time with a combination of sheer terror and pure joy. Then I assume that’s something you’d like to do more of in the future. Yeah, I’ve been doing some writing for a little while now.

And evidently, Hallmark struck gold, so to speak, because they cast Lucas yet again in their upcoming film for this weekend, . Well, it’s the only thing I could see myself doing. Everyone has that story about that one teacher that changed their lives, and mine was a guy named Mr. He was my high school drama teacher, and he was just incredible. And I went into the final audition–it was down to me and a couple of other guys. So I gave everyone these candy bars, and I think that they loved them, but they also didn’t know what to do with me. So they sent me back out into the waiting room, and I sat there for awhile. Be like Captain Boring.” Well, I can be Captain Boring. Hopefully I could do everything in between as well. But the big drawing card for me in that one was one of the minor characters–your character’s rival. Giles and I never met because we were competition, and they had to keep us separate because they knew it wouldn’t go well. He a sort of button-down half of the pair of these guys who run this company. And Maya, who’s played by Rachael Leigh Cook, has secured an internship there for the summer, and she is completely not techy herself. But because she has great instinct and a great joi de vivre, she can make quite a muck on both Colin–my character–and Will. And Lynne Stopkewich, the director, I had worked with before. So I knew Lynne and I liked her ’cause she’s got a bit of a weird sensibility, and I totally appreciate that. I’ve only seen about ten or fifteen minutes of it when I went in to do ADR. With Hallmark, you don’t have to sit there and try to figure out what’s going on. And that actually came to pass, and the experience was beyond my wildest dreams. And yeah, I would love to be able to have some of my own creations on film or TV. Not that I’m saying I understand what it is to be a writer or to be a director, but from the little bit I’ve been able to do, it has been hugely rewarding.

He makes it a totally easy and positive experience for everyone.

When directing and/or writing, I found that I was firing on all my creative cylinders rather than just two or three of them.

Lucas Bryant has made a name for himself in both Canada and the U. Born and raised in Elmira, Ontario, Bryant studied theatre and drama at Sheridan College in Oakville.

And don’t forget to follow this adroit, candid, and sometime nonsensical actor via the links below as there is no doubt in my mind that his career is on the invariable ascent, and you don’t want to miss a moment of it!Sometimes it upsets me because there are these great shows up in Canada that we can’t watch– Totally. But hopefully it will be available internationally, too. But I guess the dream role would be a bit of everything ’cause I’d love to do a Clint Eastwood Western. That’s when I lost my memory, and I was another version of myself in an alternate universe. I got to do a lot of different styles, and that was really rewarding. There are those that only want to do one kind of acting. Now, I for one, appreciate someone who doesn’t take himself seriously and enjoys being a bit of a character at times. In fact, more often than not, it was a difficult feat to even transcribe the interview at times as his humor peeked out at the most seemingly inopportune times.—but of course, it happens that’s there’s shows here that you guys aren’t able to watch. Well, at least that will be something for us to watch out for later on. What would be your dream role–if you could choose any role–what would it be? And then there are those like you who are very versatile. However, Lucas is fully aware of the fact that there is a time for sobriety, and there is a time for humor.He deflects compliments through his ingenious use of humor, but there is no doubt that the support of his fans is paramount.As he now has a child of his own, it is evident that his appreciation for family-friendly entertainment as provided on the Hallmark network means an incalculable amount to him.

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