Who is greg vaughan dating

“He had become a bit of a wuss,” the actor candidly assesses.

“Now that he’s back, he has been changed by his time in prison.

“They were two addicts carrying around all this pain,” Vaughan observes. It’s what happened to me.” When Vaughan filmed an upcoming Christmas movie, he brought his sons with him. The challenge was working and having my three boys with me.

“It was a completely unexpected pairing but it made sense.” Vaughan enjoys working with Melissa Reeves (Jennifer). You can throw her anything and she always comes through.” As for Zucker, who has announced her departure from the show, Vaughan supports her decision to pursue other opportunities. So during any downtime or off days, we were at the aquarium, Raptor games, bowling, snowball fighting and drinking lots of hot chocolate!

Introduced onscreen by Betty Corday and Al Rabin in 1984 along with his twin sister, Sami Brady, the twins are rapidly aged, and Jensen Ackles stepped into the role of the teenage Eric in 1997.

Before returning to DAYS last summer to begin filming, he had a chance to talk to the producers and contribute ideas about the direction his character would take.

When he exited in 2015, Vaughan admits he wasn’t happy with the way Eric was being written.

Eric's saintly behavior immediately sets him up as the better half to his very troubled sister Sami.

Eric falls in love with Nicole Walker; however the relationship ends in heartbreak which leads to Eric's departure.

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