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After passing under a railway bridge, you will see both these venues on the right hand side.Please note though it is then a good 35-40 minute walk to the stadium.If arriving at Bletchley Railway Station then nearby, is the Park Inn and Bletchley Working Mens Club (Saturdays only, see advert below).Just turn left out if the station entrance, then left along the main road.

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The food was the standard football ground offering but at least the serving areas were plentiful and well organised; there wasn't a bad atmosphere either from a crowd of 6,500 (though the PA system is deafening) and I can't end without a tribute to the bogs - separate, wide entrances and exits, plenty of space, soap and hot running water - luxury! A cut above almost all of the modern football stadiums'.The Club operate automatic turnstiles, where you have to put your ticket (which has a bar code on it) into a slot reader and a green light will signify that one can enter.This should be done speedily as the revolving turnstile will then come up behind you and whack you on the backside, which has left some fans rather bemused.It certainly now looks a large and imposing stadium, one that is worthy of football at a higher level.It is two tiered, with on three sides having a large lower tier being over hung by a smaller upper tier.

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