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I am a big chips and french fry girl and I just indulged in my favorite things when I was pregnant.'I became a hermit who just hid away and did not leave the house, eating everything and anything in sight.My activity level dropped to nothing.'I could not even consider wearing jeans anymore, they would dig into me and it was just way too uncomfortable.'Ahead of Preslie's first birthday, the full-time mother said her frame was so big, even getting onto the floor to play with her baby was painful. ' We love thy rainbow-tinted skies, The glamour of thy Spring, For us thine Autumn's gorgeous dyes, For us thy song-birds sing. A 1852 Whittrock, H 1858 Warren, J 1876 1859 Wilson, M 1879 1879 Walker, J. Our glimpse of himself, the aims which inspired him, the methods he employed, the ideals he cherished and the race he loved, come to us chiefly through the eyes of men who hated all his kind ; or, failing that, from those who rated as his chief merit a valuable service to an alien cause. Bones to the right, bones to the left, bones in front of me, a veritable golgotha. Harrison, Gentleman; Thomas Rushton, Mer- chant, John Ferguson, Carpenter ; as trustees of the Ridgetown Cemetery, nominated and appointed, as such trustees at a meeting of the inhabitants of Ridgetown and vicinity conven- ed and held at the school house in Ridgetown, aforesaid, on the evening of the 11 of October. Phelps procure the necessary stakes or posts for making out the burial plots." And from the by-laws, I take the following extract: "The sexton shall receive the following renumeration, viz ; For every grave which he shall dig and properly sod up, the sum of one dollar, this shall include the registration fee and at- tendance at the funeral. Wrapped in thy dazzling robe of snow, We proudly call thee ours, We crown thee when the south winds blow, 'Our Lady of the Flowers! True of his race, this is likewise true of Tecumseh. A little further I was surrounded by fragments of the festive red man. A conveyance was 42 KENT HISTORICAL SOCIETY made to Richard Phelps, Clergyman ; John Willson, Esquire ; Edmund B. Harrison, for years inspector of Public Schools in Kent, con- tains the business of the first trustee meeting, from which I take the following resolutions : "Resolved that George Munro, Esq., be paid the sum of 2.6s for the surveying and making of deed and memorial." "Resolved that Mr.

She gorged on bowls of french fries and bags of chips with dip and, at her heaviest said she abandoned jeans in favor of elasticated size XL pants.

Art exerts its benficent influence everywhere and science and invention spread their blessings to the remotst hamlet and to the most isolated homestead. The Medical profession in the City and County are blessed in the possession of two splendidly equipped and up-to-date hospitals, The General and St. has informed me that when a medical student over 50 years ago, he obtained many skeletons there not only for his own use, but took many to Toronto for fellow students. The victim had lived for some time, as there was evi- dence of repair all around the wound. Jones does not refer in the many Indian skulls that he has evidently examined to any perforations such as exist in two of the skulls that were discovered on my farm, one having three holes and the other four holes. This location becoming valuable for business purpos- es a new location was chosen, and the school house was mov- ed to village lot 25, plan 263.

Liter- ature spreads its benign and refining influence throughout the land, elevates the character and brightens the lives of the whole com- munity. An Ossuary of the kind evidently existed near the Rond Eau Park, at the south east corner of Rond Eau. Mc Cully, of Cedar Springs, 14 KENT HISTORICAL SOCIETY. The findings at my home, however, testify to a simpler symbolical burial and funeral service, due in all probability to the teach- ings of the "Pioneers of the Cross in Canada," and if so, Erie Manor is built on sacred ground, because Brebeuf, one of the most beautiful, saintly and heroic characters in Canadian his- tory, must have trod my land. The size of the piece was 1/4 of an inch wide and 3-16 thick. Some of the early teachers were William Earl, John Smith, Peter Campbell, Duncan Crawford and Richard Tobin. Names of the scholars who attended school in 1851-2: Mc KAY'S CORNERS 37 John Ball John Ball, age 10. John Fluke Agnes Fluke 9, David Fluke 7, Eliza- beth Fluke 6. The next school for Ridgetown was built on the lot at the west corner of Main and Erie streets, about 1830, by Joseph Nash.

A former french fry addict who saw her weight more than double after being dumped by her fiancé has shared photos of her incredible transformation.

Shelbie Hensel, 24, from Wallaceburg, Ontario, gained more than 130lbs (9st 4lbs) while pregnant with her daughter Preslie and tipped the scales at 262lbs (18st 10lbs) after her birth in November 2014.

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