Validating custom control

To be honest, fabrication is our favorite stage because we get to enjoy the pleasures of seeing product designs come to life for our customers.

We work hard to source for the best materials for your custom vacuums and pumps, and use a range of state of the art technologies to fabricate the product while meeting stringent industry standards.

For a key press to affect a component, the component must have the keyboard focus.

From the user's point of view, the component with the keyboard focus is generally prominent – with a dotted or black border, for example.

Whether the consultation phase takes one session or multiple sessions to complete, Airtech makes it our priority to ensure your needs are fully met before we proceed to design your custom vacuum or pump.

There is no foolproof way, across all platforms, to ensure that a window gains the focus.

On some operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows, the front window usually becomes the focused window.

Sometimes, when it comes to custom product design, it doesn’t mean that we have to start from scratch for every design process.

Many of our past customers have found excellent value in altering a few components in existing products while making sure that the capabilities of the customized product match perfectly with the requirements of the intended application.

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