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d) On clicking the link in the email, you need to provide a password after which you will be redirected to "" e) Click on Configure tab on the right corner. g) Copy the SITE ID and API KEY and paste it into the respective fields on the administrator's Userplane tab. You may choose to use the Free version of Userplane when you register, in which case advertisements will be displayed when the Web Chat opens, or you can purchase a community ID which will remove the advertisements.

but tbh i dont really see the point in spending 2hrs just to be able to boot someone off chat. really though it aint this much of a big deal to get soo wound up about. Some kid coming in and spamming(No ignore feature) is not either. I'm sorry, I don't mean to be dramatic or anything, but I see a lot of other less useful and more difficult questions answered and I think the only reason why no-one is willing to do so with this one is because it's myspace.

Once you have your SITE ID, API Key and community ID, and the module has been installed, and enabled click Save and Userplan is ready to go.

General Instructions about the Module: All users( instructors, students) can access the General Discussion room which can be viewed by clicking on the Userplane tab outside any course. The first tab provides a discussion room for the current course.

Userplane Web Chat for ATutor Read Me This is an enhanced version of the Userplane module. Salient features of the new module: Buddy List - Shows a list of online/offline friends in each course on an ATutor system.

Notification Area - Manage all notifications like offline messages, friending/blocking activity etc with ease. Copy the downloaded file into the ATutor mods/ directory and unzip it there.

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