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I believe what they are doing is simply sending a bunch of redundant packets, that cause the chat room to lock out for you. That's like not using wiki because it's too "trendy" and there is some crap on it.Usually, it appears as smiley's across the bottom of the screen. It's just a fuckin tool, whether its a shitty web page or a hammer if I can use I will.The second tab allows users to use the previous Userplane module. Any student can join the Group Chat Room and discuss with other members of the group.

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Thus, having a 24/7 stable flash chat solution is extremely important to us.maybe I should look into a packet editor." Don't occur to me. Really, if you don't want to take 2 minutes to register so you quickly and easily access information on any one of the multitude of people who use it that's your deal.. For me, I can now view whoever happens to have a link there and bands that are otherwise only available at their shows.The beauty of myspace is you can take it, leave it, or do whatever the hell you want with it. I'm not asking for advice on my life, thanks anyway.Next, I want to be able to enter rooms with a blank/un-targetable profile.(It's ID# shows as -1, and the name shows up blank when speaking) Then, just filtering out things I don't want like spam, and bad packets that will make your client pause(such as receiving a message with a bad font color code)If anyone can help me understand how to properly use the filters, that would be great.

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