Updating multiple tables in a ms access database

To do this, click on the External Data tab in Access and choose Share Point List under the Import group. Choose the site that contains the Share Point list that will be used as a linked data source, then select the list you want to link.

When this operation is finished, the list will show up as a linked table in Access, and at the bottom right-hand corner of the application you'll see an "Online with Share Point" indicator.

As you will see, MOSS does not threaten the current solutions that are in place.It is saved in the SQL Server content database, contains certain field attributes, and supports lookups.Some limitations to keep in mind when creating a Share Point list are: Microsoft recommends a limit of 2,000 items per view to obtain optimum performance; Share Point doesn't enforce referential integrity; OLE Objects are not exported into Share Point; and validation of data is limited.Access 2007 provides several points for integrating with MOSS 2007.As you can see in Figure 1, these include: importing data from a Share Point List, publishing data to a Share Point site, creating a Share Point List, using Share Point data as an external source, migrating an Access database to a new or existing Share Point site, and offline accessing of Share Point data.

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