Updating multiple rows in sql

The only thing I am trying to solve is updating the database with one query instead of (1 to N) number of insert queries depending on how many "items" are listed.

- The database must contain a record of answers made by all users- Every "Item" has 4 answers associated with them, (for now...)- There can be any number of "items" listed on a single survey page (in this screenshot, I only show 3 items, but there may be up to 20 or 30 items that have to be listed)- "Value Saved" has a HIDDEN constant that gets calculated with the "Test Value" entered.

In this article I will show you the most common methods of using the UPDATE statement.

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The problem I find with that structure is there are at the same time an variable number of questions and an variable number of answers plus multiple answers for a single individual that need to be recorded. Unfortunately, I was tasked to present the survey in the format shown in the screenshot below, which is why I chose to design the table structures the way I did.

Thing is, there have been no concerns about normalization as I have had no problems with data insertion, querying results, reporting the answers, association of answers with members, etc!

;) table_foobar ( foobar_id, member_id, question_id, answer One, answer Two, answer Three, answer Four ) //Multiple questions for a single foobar Main survey.

tbl_foobar Question ( question_id, foobar Main_id, foobar Question ) tbl_foobar Main ( foobar Main_id, foobar Name, foobar Description ) your database is not normalised as was mentioned before.

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