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Highly optimized for slower systems The map has a small city setting on the surface with a few accessible buildings, that is ideal fo...*Requires Css for hand textures and shell models*(Found in "Nikolai's Sweps, in "Weapons" Section of Q Menu) One of the most notable weapons of America, the M1 Garand, has been published for gmod 13.This is a fun racing map that has jumps, loop2loop, and a hell of alot of corners.- Zombie population fixes for Left 4 Dead 1 Mutation modes.- Fixed some material properties on Left 4 Dead 1 common infected models.It uses custom ammo, which can be replenished by jumping into water or picking up another fire extinguisher....

It would have if u could use your Friends disc and extracted the game content from it like I explain in the guide Tnx Notis that first i forgot the last set of files (the ones provided in update #1) and that caused CTD and it took a while to figure it out cuzz i've been testing different cracks and combos...

Go to folder 3 in my archive and click on the right Reg file (x32 = 32bit OS | x64 = 64bits OS)13. Edit and replace: Proc Name=left4dead2-console Starting the game from Rev Loader = Should work without problems (error on exit, don't worry)Starting the game from Start_fix V2 = If above dosen't work or you just want to clean MDMP files on exit Starting from the above ones with Steam off = Error on Exit (don't worry)Starting from the above ones with Steam on = (No errors on exit)Console = Enable Dev console ingame and go to your Left 4 dead 2 \ left4dead2 \ cfg folder and edit Add bind "button" "toggleconsole"eg.

Go to folder 2 and copy all files inside the update folder to your Left 4 Dead 2 folder12.

These are ragdolls for posing and animating, not playermodels or NPC's.

Very Important: Some of the deviantart artists contacted me and informed they no longer wanted their artwork to support my maps.

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