Updating dll in global assembly cache c dating site

Microsoft actually doesn’t recommend using gacutil, but I went that route anyway.To use gacutil on a development machine go to: To use Gacutil on a non-development machine you will have to copy the executable and config file from your dev machine to the production machine.In 4.0 Microsoft removed the ability to add DLLs to the Assembly simply by dragging and dropping.Instead you need to use gacutil.exe, or create an installer to do it.Once you know that you have the correct assembly in the solution package make sure to retract and delete the previous wsp on the Share Point server.

For documentation on how to register an assembly through code, see: var IAssembly Cache assembly Cache; Create Assembly Cache(ref assembly Cache, 0); String manifest Path = "D:\Program Files\Contoso\Frobber\Grob.dll"; FUSION_INSTALL_REFERENCE ref Data; ref Size = Size Of(ref Data); //The size of the structure in bytes ref Flags = 0; //Reserved, must be zero ref Scheme = FUSION_REFCOUNT_FILEPATH_GUID; //The assembly is referenced by an application that is represented by a file in the file system. ref Identifier = "D:\Program Files\Contoso\Frobber\Super Grob.exe"; //A unique string that identifies the application that installed the assembly ref Non Cannonical Data = "Super cool grobber 9000"; //A string that is only understood by the entity that adds the reference.

It looks like there are a few different versions of Gacutil.

The one that worked for me, I found here: utility is not available on client machines, and the Window SDK license forbids redistributing it to your customers.

Here is the problem -I update the code and publish the solution to the remote host. I tried everything and the only solution is to change the name of the controls' classes.

I am not sure where this is being cached -and how could I clear it. Usually there is no caching anywhere when you follow a complete retract/delete/add/deploy cycle of the solution package.

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