Updating a device driver

While there are some drivers that Windows doesn't automatically update, they're by and large covered.But how do you know when you need to update your drivers?As you can see in the above screenshot, my Intel HD 3000 Graphics was installed automatically. In addition to other hardware components were also detected and installed which includes my LAN adapter and card reader.Important Drivers you should get after installing Windows 10.

The manufacturer might list two versions of the driver, always choose the latest.

Install drivers using Device Manager If your driver was not detected or installed by Windows Update, you can try installing the driver manually if you have a compatible version.

Windows 10 and previous versions of Windows such as Windows 7 share the same driver model, so it should work.

Simply launch it from Start Update and Recovery and click Check for Updatesor Press Windows key RType: ms-settings:windowsupdate Hit Enter Click Check for updates (make sure you have an active Internet connection).

Immediately, Windows Update will detect your system configuration and download all the appropriate drivers for your system.

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