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So, do whatsoever is necessary and get support to get out of the depressing situation.

Set boundaries between you and the abuser and seek help.

The victims always seem to take matters upon themselves to keep everything running efficiently so as not to worsen the situation.

Such victims endure a lot of emotional stress at this point.

Some negative effects of continuous abuse may include: Abuse can be stopped with outside assistance.

The first step to putting an end to such is to accept that you’re being mistreated and that it’s not your fault.

If you’re experiencing such in your relationship, you ought to acknowledge what’s going and get help: On the other hand, cycle of abuse wheel occurs in a recurring manner.

It can be depicted as both episodic and generational abuse cycles.

Yet, episodic mistreatment usually happens in cycles, with acts meant to break and control the victim’s spirit, together with periods of nurturing care and loving support.

During the second stage of domestic violence wheel, nothing that the victim does or say can put an end to violence.

All the tension from the previous stage is released.

The episodic cycle abuse begins verbally, for instance with harassment and/or loud screaming as well as threats of assault.

At this instant, the victim can calm such situations by using the skills that he learned from handling similar and past experiences.

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