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The Germans certainly understand this, and only give lip service to the Neo-Cold warriors.

But Germany doesn't want a new Cold War or hot war with Russia. Only the entrenched military-industrial complex of the UK & US does (which is why they have been trying to destroy Trump).

But this is not reported in the Western controlled media.

He'd gladly give up Kim & the Ayatollah for partnership with NATO against the Jihad and growing Chinese military strength.

Rob SAnd while I'll admit Newsweek and the LA Times have a leftist bias, the New American and Western Free Press are very much conservative news mediums, so it's pretty clear we've got something there.

Besides, do I really have to point out how The Death of Stalin was banned in Russia? Not to mention, even Vladimir Lenin advocated for a supposed return to Capitalist principles via War Communism.

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This is how the tripolar world has been structured since 1972 when Nixon and Kissinger created these arrangements.

Tell me, what is the difference between what Putin did - framing up an opponent with a crime to bar him from competing in an election - and what Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and Obama did trying to throw an election?

And NATO's ostracizing Russia drives Putin into the arms of Kim Jong Un, the Ayatollah Khameini, Venezuela, Cuba, etc.

And NATO can no longer pretend to be a defensive alliance after Obama, Hillary, Sarkozy & Cameron used it offensively to attack Libya. If Russia ever became a NATO member, it would extend the alliance’s territory to China, which has a 4,000-kilometer border with Russia. "Russia’s global ambition." Russia doesn't have global ambitions.

Rob SRussia can't become a NATO power because the rules are written to exclude Russia. This would upset the tripolar global security balance between NATO, Russia and China," This is the primary reason. NATO requires that its members have civilian and democratic control over their armed forces." Another joke. This should be obvious since it withdrew from East Germany & Cuba.

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