Steam validating

Ellab Validation Solutions Both the E-Val Pro thermocouple system and the Track Sense® Pro wireless data loggers are well suited for the validation of autoclaves.For validating the sterilization process according to the predefined acceptance criteria, the Val Suite™ Pro software is a valuable tool.Common sterilized products and containers are: An autoclave is a vessel that uses pressurized steam to heat the product to achieve sterilization.

It is essential that the user can demonstrate that the sensors were within an acceptable accuracy when they were used.

In addition to achieving minimum and maximum temperatures for set time periods, there are a number of other measurements which many users find critical.

These include the equilibration time, which is the difference between the first sensor achieving sterilization temperature and the last.

To document the validation adequately a diagram must be made that shows all the sensors´ ID numbers related to their exact position in the autoclave.

This is easily done in Val Suite™ Pro by integrating the data session with predefined schematics, pictures and Word documents.

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