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We found that it counts for something like three-quarters of the variability.” And that was true of both men and women, says Lydon. It’s not all that matters, but it matters to everyone.” But factors like the kind of relationship people are looking for also play a role in what attracts them to each other.Lydon cited a study by an American colleague who gave participants 20 “mate dollars” to spend on the attributes they wanted in a romantic partner; looks, personality, warmth, intelligence, etc.It was the result of her passion for nutrition and smart agriculture.“While I was working in international development, I began to work in rural development and grew increasingly interested in agriculture for development and the role it can play in livelihoods, as well as food and nutrition security,” Mc Gill says.

But for University of Denver alumna Wendy Lu Mc Gill (MA ’12), they present an opportunity to cater to adventurous eaters looking to shake up their palette with an unusual but nutritional delicatessen.

“When I learned about insect farming, I became deeply passionate about how it has the potential to improve food and nutrition security with a climate smart agriculture practice.” Mc Gill spent more than a decade working with five different U. agencies as a communications and development consultant, where she helped promote ideas that addressed issues like human trafficking, access to water and sanitation, rural infrastructure development, and agriculture for development.

It was her interest in agriculture for development that eventually led her to pursue a career in edible insects.

This process, Mc Gill says, mimics how they painlessly die in nature.

The Denver-based company sells its products to chefs and food makers and also sells edible insects from around the world.

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