Shes dating three guys

She’ll ask you everything, from what you do in life, to what hobbies you enjoy indulging in.She’ll also express interest in doing or trying what you like.Many people aren’t even aware that their body language is a dead giveaway, so if you’re smart, you’ll pay attention to these unconscious signs.For example, if her arms are folded in front of her chest, she’s not interested, but if her arms are by her sides and she’s facing you, she’s definitely interested.You end up heading home, alone, with your tail between your legs, completely bewildered and confused.Did you misread the signs she was emitting, or was she simply playing you for a fool? How can you be sure that something similarly embarrassing is not going to happen again?To be fair, it’s not your fault; women are complex creatures, and within the span of several minutes, can blow hot and cold.

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Anything else, and she’s probably just being friendly.If you don’t want to waste your time, ask about her availability early on in the conversation. She doesn’t have to be in your face to let you know that she’s interested.We live in a digital age, which means the world is far smaller than it was years ago.She will make it a point to let you know she’s single if she wants you to initiate something.For example, she might tell a story about her ex, or casually mention she isn’t currently attached to anyone.

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