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All he wanted was to be different, the power, the money, most of all the knowledge. Frank's fist tightened on the railing as he prepared to lunge himself into the stale water, taking just a second to reminisce his life or what remained of it.

For him, drowning was the most appeasing form of suicide. The previous hours were just as same, filled with tension and upheaval.

At the end of the second Frank was to plunge into the benign water and die. CHAPTER 1 Years earlier It was just another sunday morning service at St. At about 7, Mrs Caroline would wake up, hurriedly prepare breakfast, all the while cussing and exclaiming how the forces of darkness attempted to stall her from attending her church service early.

His presence no more felt, his good deeds sparsely remembered, he would only be recalled for his esotoric and weird lifestyle. Meanwhile she would spend 30 more minutes in the bathroom dancing and humming vigorously, as if the world was coming to an end.

He did think of shooting himself in the head but that would be too nasty, he considered overdosing on pills, that came with too much pain. The household of Sir Peter and Caroline ekpenyong never experienced shortage of problems.

A deliberate accident would not be good enough because it left time for deliberation and regret. Immediately he jumps in the river, the waves would hit him hard, putting him in comatose state, submerging him into its deep dwelling and then silence. The second was running out, Frank's life flashed before his eyes, like a projector reeling in images. At 6am Mr peter would wake up and kneel at his alter-- he named it the alter of repose--praying for about 30 minutes, after which he would sit and shave in the verandah, while listening to BBC on his receiver.

If only he knew, he would never have ventured into such dangerous practice, or If he could tell someone, but then again how do you say "Hello friend, my name is Frank and I made a deal with the devil" .

Beautiful, sweet and seemingly caring, she offers to give him all he desires but then he is to love her unconditionally forever.

There are many things Frank saw in the past years, that nobody would ever believe existed."I can bring them back, I can make it all go away, I can rewind time... Frank always tried to be super too but he was always behind time.

Sir peter would scream, scold and bellow at Frank and every other person, his Gullet expanding, his eye balls turning a dull red.

Frank, the failed experiment or simply, the man that lost his way."I see you'v made your choice" the voice sounded behind him. Frank did not appear flinched at the arrival of his ubiquitous visitor. He knew he was going to burn and suffer in hell, yes hell was real, better hell than earth. Occasionaly she would receive reproach from her husband."Woman, lower your voice! Young Frank still layed in his room, reading the comments on his amateur blog.

That ominous pitch, the voice he had come to love and then dread and now he despiced. His visage remained indifferent."Me or nothing" Abigail cooed, a remorseful hiss. Slowly he turned to face Abigail, he saw her quite alright, young, beautiful and dazzling. ""The lord that answereth by fire, I will give glory to him, answer a-a-a, answer a-a-a, amen! For Mrs Caroline her bath was more of a cleansing ritual or a baptism than an actual bath. Frank always secretly wished his dad would decide not to go to church on sunday, if his dad did not go, that would be a good enough excuse for him not to go but his wish always failed.

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