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Nairaland Forum / Entertainment / Literature / LUCIFER' S BUSINESS by Enitsua (2146 Views) My First Book Of Lucifer / Jewels Of Lucifer- A Play By A Nairaland Boy, Cosmos Nuel AKA Emyo / Fanfic: The Secret Diary Of Lucifer.(1) (2) (3) (4) Read on and get immersed in the world of Frank Ekpenyong as he lives life and meddles in the arcane and deep rooted practices all in the sake of knowledge and self realisation.

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LUCIFER'S BUSINESSPrologue As Frank stared out at the moon clad river he saw nothing but perilous waves, each coming in tiers, the next more pernicious and stronger than the previous. The tide gathered momentum, reverberated from a distance, tumbled onwards in a roll of furry and crashed at the shore, receding back slowly.

His Shirt was so starched the creases looked as if it could cut. Peter was a man of 50, bulky in size and heavy on the neck and shoulders. He stood at around 5ft 6 in height, light in complexion, his skin most times looked something between a tan and light brown.

Peter's square head always gave him the air of a military man, his wide eyes and expressive mouth often scared people away from him but when he spoke, nations trembled and heads bowed and after his speech people would flock to him to garner advice and build friendships.

Anyone who had his whole family snatched from him in a blink, would hardly be sane.

Not that he had friends anymore, his eccentric life style had shed them all away.

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