Sex dating in utah

Just move and be a normal 16 year old and be thankful you didnt have sex!

According to our research of Utah and other state lists there were 10 registered sex offenders living in Leeds as of April 08, 2018.

any help would be nice thnx However, it's not outside the realm of possibliity that he was using that as an excuse.

At 16, you are really too young to be dating a 19 year old and he may want to find someone his own age.

As earlier posts have said there is no law restricting the two of you dating except if parents do not approve.

If that si case parents can take legal action to block such a relationship.

The ratio of number of residents in Leeds to the number of sex offenders is 95 to 1.

no i dont really think that is the case because one of my best friedns is like a little sister to him and he tells her mom everything and her mom told me some of the stuff he told her and that he really liked me..was just uncomfortable with the situation cuz my parents disapproved and we didnt want them to break us up so we went behind their backs yes i know it was wrong but we wanted to be with each other and thats the case Well as SJ pointed out, there are no laws regulating minors dating, as long as you're not having sex.Utah came in just behind Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire.According to Kaz Weida, a writer for, Utah has a lot of outliers compared to other states that ranked safe.No I am sorry but your BF is not into you as stated.BTW all 16 year olds think they are in love so I doubt you are either.

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