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Pope John Paul II had, in fact, acted upon White's suggestion, naming St. In "The Ecological Crisis" he asserted that environmental problems are a moral crisis for all humanity, and that the environment is ethically significant in its own right.

In other words, nature has intrinsic value as God's creation.

The development of modern scientific, economic and political institutions have taken the place historically accorded to religion, and traditional religious attitudes toward nature have largely disappeared in modern societies.

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Much of the debate over stewardship ethics in the Judeo-Christian tradition turns on a single word in Genesis : man(kind) is to practice "dominion" over the Earth.

Some religious and nonreligious persons argue that this verse and word mean that humans should exercise domination over Earth's creatures.

But the same Hebrew term is used to describe God's care of the Earth and its peoples, founded on love and compassion.

White was helpful in opening up religious perspective on the environment, science and technology, but he offered an overly simplistic view of Christianity and the influence it had on Western culture and attitudes toward nature.

For example, he stated that "Especially in its Western form, Christianity is the most anthropocentric religion the world has seen;" and that for the ecological crisis, "Christianity bears a huge burden of guilt." Note that these are emotionally charged, critical statements.

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