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Historically working with salons and stylists thanks to its PRO division, Ba Byliss perfected its professional hairstyling expertise by developing products and technologies that continually sought to better meet professional requirements: performance, precision and protection define our products.

For decades, Ba Byliss has been revolutionizing the electro-beauty industry with its technological innovations: from the first curling iron created in 1961 to the Curl Secret created in 2013, the mission of the Ba Byliss Group has been to innovate and provide everyone with beauty tools they can use daily.

By doing this you can remove Rogue Wave, but i dont think you have to remove Rogue Wave.It is One of the Trusted Library in all Legacy System Applications. The representation of dates and times is a recurring problem for software developers.Due to the pervasive need for date-time programming, many libraries have been written to support date-time programming.Unfortunately, the date-time domain appears simple and trivial, but is deceptively complex.

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