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Ethnicity: Transylvania is the heart of Romanian multiculturalism, being host to both native Romanians and Hungarians, as well as the descendants of Saxon immigrants, which make up the German population.The Roma people are more common in the south, especially in the capital.Romanians are a hospitable people who do not shy away from small talk.Expect to talk about things like the well-being of your family, recent travels or interesting events before getting to the business at hand.Being excessively drunk will undoubtedly bring ridicule, as Romanians can be very judgemental. Gifting and Dining When invited to a dinner, it is polite to bring a gift, though not expected.Romanians are fiercely protective of their home, and being uncourteous when in someone’s house is seen as a grave offence.In recent years, Romania has managed to create a new cultural identity for its people.

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Besides being the only Latin country of the fractured Balkans, Romania has also managed to survive the collapse of the Eastern Bloc, and, following the fall of the ruling communist regime, has succeeded in reinventing what it means to be Romanian.

Religion: Ever since the Middle Ages, the land that is now Romania had been under the wing of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Modern Romania, however, harbours a modest number of Protestant and Greek Catholic adherents.

Young people tend to consider the act of kissing a woman’s hand as outdated and overly refined, though most certainly appreciate the act and consider it gentlemanly.

Socialising Most Romanians tend to be honest and open about themselves, freely sharing private information, even with acquaintances.

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