Purity in a dating relationship

We shared how we were struggling with passionate kissing and wanting to go places physically that were dishonoring to God.

He encouraged us that many couples struggle but don’t talk about it and he told us to keep fighting against it.

I had a strong attraction to him spiritually, emotionally, and physically and I felt like temptations to compromise my purity were all around me.

I shared with my mom how I couldn’t wait to get married so those struggles would disappear.

After an incredible wedding night and a few days into our honeymoon, I quickly learned that in a similar way I had to work hard at being pure in our dating relationship, I’d now have to be committed and faithful to sexual intimacy with my husband.

It would be a life-long journey of learning, growing, and being imperfect at times.

I felt like we were constantly revisiting our purity and it was frustrating, but necessary.

We were weak and needed strict boundaries and accountability.

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I stormed out of the door and took a walk around our apartment complex to cool off.Those temptations might include inappropriate relationships with the opposite sex, emotional unfaithfulness, pornography, adultery, masturbation, or rejecting your spouse’s physical and emotional needs to name a few.Sex is a picture of oneness in marriage and God takes seriously any sin that could sever that bond and destroy what He ordained.In the book, God steps boldly to the point, finishing any faint-hearted commitment to the sexual relationship once and for all. God makes sex a sacrificial act that is redemptive, in that it gets my eyes off my needs and onto the needs of my mate.” Watching out for Jeremiah’s needs, rather than my own, is a daily discipline because my thoughts are often about me.But when I sacrifice for his sake, I find great joy.

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