Purity in a dating relationship

As followers of Christ we’re called to persevere in our purity, no matter if we’re single or married as 2 Timothy says: Our responsibility is to surround ourselves with believers who will spur us on towards holiness and godliness.Was the difficult work of pursuing purity within my dating relationship worth it? It was a constant battle I was determined to fight in order to love and obey the Lord.Paul isn’t saying to keep your marriage bed pure when you feel like it or to treat it casually.He’s exhorting and urging couples to do whatever it takes to protect their relationship from outward and inward temptations.

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We were weak and needed strict boundaries and accountability.In the book, God steps boldly to the point, finishing any faint-hearted commitment to the sexual relationship once and for all. God makes sex a sacrificial act that is redemptive, in that it gets my eyes off my needs and onto the needs of my mate.” Watching out for Jeremiah’s needs, rather than my own, is a daily discipline because my thoughts are often about me.But when I sacrifice for his sake, I find great joy.Our conversation would often go like this while lying in bed: “Do you want to tonight? I’m tired.” We’d say a quick prayer; I love you, and turn out the lights. My husband is working full-time, taking classes in seminary, and interning at a church plant.By the end of the day, I’m typically worn out from taking care of my children’s needs. I’ve had to learn what it means to give up the rights to myself and be selfless no matter how tough my day has been. Hereafter, to demand rights over my body is to disagree with God’s instruction.

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