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From a proven expertise dating back almost ten years we engineered the ability to install and reliably cool a desktop CPU in a notebook case.

With the clock speed up to 3.7GHz of the Intel Core i7 7800K, sided by 3D graphics card like the NVIDIA® Ge Force® GTX 1060, GTX 1070 or GTX 1080, the performance results are outstanding, at par or better than a regular desktop workstation.

Nonetheless, the Power Go XT also has a wider, yet stylish, body that is heavier than an average notebook, but with the amount of power, performance and stability packed into this device, I am surprised that it doesn’t weigh more." "@Xi Computer has a reputation for building speedy workstations that are among the fastest CAD and DCC systems to come through Cadalyst Labs, so it was no surprise that the Xi Power Go 2Duo XT laptop was among the top in the class." "@Xi has been working for some time to produce a mobile workstation that meets its performance expectations. Privacy & Terms Copyright 1996, @Xi Computer Corporation.

Many Thanks to all you soldiers for giving so much and receiving so little in the name of freedom. My late father was James Forbes Adams of Nairn, was in the Cameron Highlanders (51st Highland Division).It is the ideal mobile workstation for demanding 3D CAD packages like Solidworks®, Inventor®, Revit® and PTC Creo® among others.A custom on-line quotation, using our highly customizable on line builder can be produced here.Please get in touch for the postal address, do not sent them to our PO Box as packages are not accepted.I'm trying to gather information about my Grandad and his time in World War II.

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