Play count not updating

You must use i Tunes 12.6 to communicate to i OS 10.3. I am set to sync "selected playlists" and when I sync any new songs I have added to the playlist update to the phone just fine (well sometimes it creates a duplicate playlist but that's a different issue) it is just that when I sync the play count from the phone doesn't transfer over to i Tunes and update the count. I have smart playlists to do what I want and many of them are based on the last time something was played.

IE I have a new album I have listened to multiple times this past week, but after syncing my phone the playlist in i Tunes still shows zero plays. Last played/play count isn't updating so it makes them almost useless. transfer between device and i Tunes if the device is synced, e.g. Try the following all-purpose steps for dealing with erratic device or sync behaviour.

I know that the "love" are device specific, but I thought that play count should sync because it worked before Apple Music.

No software or device changes have occured on my side. Privacy settings for the software is configured to allow everyone to have access.

The fix for plays in i Tunes prior to this release was to turn off cross fade. I like the play count, come on Apple, please don't neglect it...

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When I play music from the Zune Windows client, the play count appears to increment immediately; however, the count will revert to the old value once I leave and come back into the software. Are there issues with services on the MS server side?

They assume that all of the content you want on the device is in your library ready for restoring.

If it isn't see Recover your i Tunes library from your i Pod or i OS device first.

I would also recommend you copy everything out of the camera roll if you haven't already.

Use an encrypted backup (*) if you want to preserve passwords, Wi-Fi settings, web history and health data where appropriate.

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