Play count not updating

I would also recommend you copy everything out of the camera roll if you haven't already.Use an encrypted backup (*) if you want to preserve passwords, Wi-Fi settings, web history and health data where appropriate. The fix for plays in i Tunes prior to this release was to turn off cross fade. I like the play count, come on Apple, please don't neglect it... Raise your software bar to the same level as your hardware bar. The appropriate stats are checked in all the relevant lists and they don't update at all. If I restart i Tunes the play counts register again for a while then stops again.I love to use different music and always update my playlists with different music and songs.In order to better organize and maintain I use play count feature in i Tunes.

I purchased a new album, listened to it on two flights (meaning I heard each song more than three times) and after I synched to i Tunes the play count still shows zero.

trying to isolate the bug and wonder if it’s linked to Home Sharing and the increment Play Count option. It appears to be a problem with activity restricted to the local app.

Just out of curiosity do any of you guys have Home Sharing turned on in i Tunes? I have also determined that it will sync the counts from my i Pods and update the recently played then but not for any plays on the PC app locally.

You must use i Tunes 12.6 to communicate to i OS 10.3. I am set to sync "selected playlists" and when I sync any new songs I have added to the playlist update to the phone just fine (well sometimes it creates a duplicate playlist but that's a different issue) it is just that when I sync the play count from the phone doesn't transfer over to i Tunes and update the count. I have smart playlists to do what I want and many of them are based on the last time something was played.

IE I have a new album I have listened to multiple times this past week, but after syncing my phone the playlist in i Tunes still shows zero plays. Last played/play count isn't updating so it makes them almost useless. transfer between device and i Tunes if the device is synced, e.g. Try the following all-purpose steps for dealing with erratic device or sync behaviour.

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