Outlook rss feeds not updating 2016

Note the yellow highlighted text indicates that the publisher has not specified an update policy.

Unticking that box does allow faster updates, but there is another wrinkle.

This has the added benefit of speeding up your send/receive performance as well.

By creating a send/receive group for RSS feeds, you can still update your RSS feeds when you have time to read them.

You can open the Send/Receive settings in the following way; Note: As an alternative, you can disable individual feeds at the bottom of the dialog so you can still leave some RSS feeds enabled which are important to you and only disable your “low priority” RSS feeds.

Outlook will not check a feed for new content more often than this minimum interval.

The TTL element is optional and some feeds (such as those from the Stack Trilogy) don’t contain it.

To avoid this default one-hour situation, it is necessary to instruct Outlook to ignore the publisher’s recommendations (even though the publisher hasn’t made any explicit recommendations, the absence of a recommendation implies a 60-minute update cycle by default).

To do this, when adding the feed to Outlook, click the Advanced button and uncheck the box outlined in red in the screen shot above.

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