Online dating bullshit

But all I had to do was hop in a car or cab then seal the deal! : Never buy into womens’ shit; be it online or in person.I wasnt stupid enough to tell the girls that they’re being hypocrits and contradictive (which would’ve only caused them to backward rationlize and re-think).So if I were a guy (AFC) strictly looking to hook up, those chicks would’ve been off limits.But being skilled in social mastery (thanks to the community), I knew those girls were compensating for their true desires (sex), and that they’re trying to pre-activate their anti-slut defenses, etc.Like I said, I did go direct eventually telling them my intentions is not to chit chat, I have a gf already and Im always on the go.They appreciated the honesty, unlike most pussies who would conceal having a gf.

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95% of the female profiles you’d find on POF, or any other dating site for that matter, would read like this: 1) “I’m no fly-by night chick”.Seems like I’ve been on a women-bashing spree lately-but not without cause.I wrote this a few months ago on the pick-up artist forum(Chics suck at pickup).This isnt speculation,those wanna-be high-maintenance girls let me know straight up they wanted to get laid!Totally contrary to their Mother Teresa saint-like profiles!!

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