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In every other respect, the Vivoactive matches those two devices, and in a few places exceeds them.For example, Garmin has its own app store, Connect IQ, where you can install other apps and widgets to put even more functionality onto your wrist.Between all those functions, plus checking the weather on the watch frequently and asking it to locate my phone, I was downright amazed, come Monday morning, when the Garmin Vivoactive still had 40 percent of its battery power remaining. I could nitpick that it doesn't have an optical heart rate monitor (HRM), like the Fitbit Surge and the Basis Peak, our Editors' Choices.But at least you can pair it with a compatible chest strap HRM if you really want heart rate.The 1.13-by-0.80-inch display (a memory-in-pixel, reflective LCD) is always on, making the Vivoactive a perpetual wristwatch.Without the wrist straps, the device itself measures 1.72 by 1.52 by 0.32 (HWD) inches and weighs just 0.63 ounces. Trust me when I say it's thin and light When you buy a Garmin Vivoactive, you have a few options.

The silicone bands are contoured on the inner edge, which makes them a little more breathable than if they had a smooth surface.My favorite screen appears when you swipe once left to right (though you can reorder the screens to your liking).It shows how many steps you've walked, the distance of those steps in miles or kilometers, how many calories you've burned so far for the day, and an arc filled in to indicate the percent of how close you are to reaching your step-count goal.I also added a stopwatch and a heart rate variability (HRV) test, which requires a connected HRM.The Connect IQ store is in its infancy, with only a handful of apps available, some shoddy proofreading in the descriptions, and sometimes mixed messages as to whether an app installed successfully.

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