No credit card free affair dating sites

Rather than have strange phone numbers or heavy data usage show up on your bill, purchase a second phone for communicating with people on your adult dating site.

A pay-as-you go phone is probably the best choice for this, since these phone rarely, if ever, result in phone bills being sent to your home address.

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But if this is a phone that is jointly owned and paid for by you and your spouse, the chance of your activity being detected is greater than if you were to purchase a second phone with a completely different number.

If need be, refrain from using the computer at odd hours of the early morning or late in the evening.

If you feel there is a possibility being discovered and that you might have to close your computer’s browser quickly, then perhaps it’s not the best time or location to access the adult dating sites.

Whenever you finish visiting an adult dating website, go to your browser’s “preferences” tab and find the setting for “history” and click this button.

This will clear the list of sites you have most recently visited, including any adult dating websites.

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