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Children at The Castle School joined in the fun when London Report by JOHN HERRING email [email protected] twitter johnh_nwn Staff at Envy Hair & Beauty Salon, Thatcham, cycled a total of 496 miles for charity London Irish inclusion officer Joe Pegg coached pupils at The Castle School for Sport Relief Ref: 13-1918B Irish inclusion officer Joe Pegg dropped in to coach pupils in tag and contact rugby.Newbury-based No Limits Sports, which teaches sports to children with learning disabili- ties, ran other activities for pupils.These Pills are found very u The "LITTLE WANZER" Hand Sewing Machine, £4 4s. These are the most simple yet most perfect Lock-stitch Machines made. Thtir Sale surpasses that of all others put together.

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Corn Measures, Seedlipa, Barn an all complaints of the CHEST and LUNGS.—In consequence of the variable climate of England, few persons escape during the Winter Months, at sonic period or other, from severe Cold and.

BUNDOCK & SCOTT intend clearing out all odd lengths of SHEETINGS, TOWELLINGS, FAMILY age the most gentle, yet most effective aperient*, and therefore I better calculated for a family medicine than any other preparation.

BUNDOCK & SCOTT, during the week, will also REDUCE in PRICE Muslin & Print Dresses, Ladies' Made-up SKIRTS, and all the remaining remaining SUMMER STOCK.

The Master of Legions, whose will was law, and whose might was right,is away ; his palaces are dese No more stopping and pinching of wall-trees after this and if the wood is expected to be thoroughly matured the shoots must be nailed in at once.

In the company's certificate of circulation (published in February 2010 by the Audit Bureau of Circulations), the average circulation per issue was 20,405 – 100% of which was through newstrade, single copy and subscription sales.

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