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One of the most popular and detailed books about bodies, pregnancy, and families for preschoolers, It's NOT The Stork follows a curious bird and bee friend as they learn about babies, bodies, and love from a diverse group of people of all ages, races, and body shapes.

Equally importantly is preparing your child to talk about puberty (which we discuss in the second part of this blog, Talking with Tweens and Teens about their Bodies) “Puberty!? If the girl in your life is an early bloomer, she may experience these changes before you are expecting them.The cartoony illustrations show girls and boys at different stages of development from baby to young adult, as well as diagrams of internal organs.Saltz still discusses conception in terms of sperm joining egg, but leaves it up to parents to decide how and whether to explain the mechanics, making it perfect for younger preschoolers or for parents who want to save a discussion of sex for when their children are older.The same bird and bee friends learn even more detail about sex, reproduction and love, covering topics like genetics, adoption, sexual orientation, HIV, and sexual abuse in a sensitive but informative way. also introduces how bodies change during puberty, making it an excellent resource for parents of early bloomers.You can’t talk about kids and sex without confronting the challenge of talking about sexual abuse.

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