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also strongly imply warmer, wetter conditions on Noachian-era Mars (earlier than about 4 billion years ago).

However, chemical analysis of Martian meteorite samples suggests that the ambient near-surface temperature of Mars has most likely been below 0 °C for the last four billion years.

Prof Leighton, who has been working on the sounds of space for the last ten years and has previously made the sound of a methane waterfall in space, added: ‘I'm interested in what music would sound like in space.

The climate of Mars has been an issue of scientific curiosity for centuries, in part because Mars is the only terrestrial planet whose surface can be directly observed in detail from the Earth with help from a telescope.

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Data-based climate studies started in earnest with the Viking program in 1975 and continue with such probes as the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Flaugergues also observed in 1813 significant polar ice waning during Martian springtime.Although Mars is smaller than the Earth, at 11% of Earth's mass, and 50% farther from the Sun than the Earth, its climate has important similarities, such as the polar ice caps, seasonal changes and the observable presence of weather patterns.It has attracted sustained study from planetologists and climatologists.His speculation that this meant that Mars was warmer than earth proved inaccurate.There are two dating systems now in use for Martian geological time.

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