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Most of us won’t be able to make the journey to the northern latitudes in this lifetime.

So, the live feed from the Aurora MAX Observatory could the best alternative solution.

This is a live view of Troy's downtown square and fountain.

On the right is Prouty Plaza where many concerts and activities are scheduled.

This one has a transmitter that will allow conservationists to track it.

A Madagascar big-headed turtle, Erymnochlys madagascariensis. Madagascar is home to more unique species than any other land mass of its size.

The live feed starts after dusk and it updates every ten seconds.

You need to have Apple Quick Time to view the feed in your browser.

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It is the first high-definition video to capture a sea turtle hatch, according to the U. “It’s so important here in the Keys to protect these nests and these turtles,” said Harry Appel, president of the Save-a-Turtle organization based in Florida.“They’ve been around for millions, maybe hundreds of millions, of years.” The baby turtles emerged on Friday night and, guided by dim moonlight, made their way to the nearby Atlantic Ocean, where they will spend their days.A very rare and endangered Heosemys depressa, also known as an Arakan forest turtle, is seen in New York.This is one of more than 1,000 endangered turtles that were saved from a loft in the city.Collectors are one of the biggest threats to endangered turtles and tortoises.

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