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Hello, often appearance is deceptive, but she can say a lot. I like to think a lot, learn new things and constantly improve.

It happens that a beautiful shell hides a pacifier, and it happens that a diamond. I love both active pastime, and intimate solitude, theaters, concerts.

The cemetery's oldest church, dating back to 1786, was dedicated to the Theotokos (a type of icon) of Smolensk, and by the mid 19th century the name had spread to the cemetery and to the river that ran through it. After the course of the river changed, the broad, straight Novosmolenskaya Embankment was added the banks of the Smolenka River.

An artificial, rectangular mouth of the river was conceived to become a part of the Morskaya Embankment recreational area.

I train, watch food, learn English, paint, master jewelry from natural stones.In the 18th century, the Smolenka was called the Myakushaya River. Petersburg, a Chukhna village stood on its right bank ("Chukhna" is a term, now derogatory, previously used to the Finns and related ethnic groups living in the area around St. Then came the industrial revolution, and by the second half of the 19th century, most of the river banks were occupied by private enterprises.By the time First World War began, these had been reorganized into large factories. Petersburg)) I often go to Kiev and this is my second favorite city)) I dream of finding a good and decent man on this site) I found out about this site thanks to my girlfriends who advised me this for almost two years! So do not be afraid to write to me even if you are much older than - a wise man is the most valuable man! ))Gentle, intelligent, modest and just calm man)))) It's such a man I imagine in my head)) I know that in the West the age difference is problematic, but in our country it's in the order of things.

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