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For all I know they own the i Cloud," cloudprivates writes. I simply copy data from the i Cloud using the user name and password that I am given.

Software from elcomsoft does this."Elcomsoft’s program doesn't require proof of law enforcement or other government credentials.

The Russian company's tool, as Zdziarski describes it, doesn't depend on any "backdoor" agreement with Apple and instead required Elcomsoft to fully reverse engineer Apple's protocol for communicating between i Cloud and its i OS devices.

But Zdziarski argues that Apple could still have done more to make that reverse engineering more difficult or impossible."When you have third parties masquerading as hardware.

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But if attackers instead impersonate the user’s device with Elcomsoft’s tool, the desktop application allows them to download the entire i Phone or i Pad backup as a single folder, says Jonathan Zdziarski, a forensics consult and security researcher.

It costs as much as 9, but bootleg copies are freely available on bittorrent sites.

And the software’s marketing language sounds practically tailor-made for Anon-IB's rippers.“All that’s needed to access online backups stored in the cloud service are the original user’s credentials including Apple ID...accompanied with the corresponding password,” the company’s website reads.

"Dunno about others but I am too lazy to look for accounts to hack.

This way I just provide a service to someone that wants the data off the i Cloud.

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