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The festival fine arts programme included his solo exhibition Hoofgalery on the North West University Campus.The exhibition included new sculpture, and works with inlaid organic material on canvas, as well as new print editions and earlier works from the Garden Carpet series.

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Curated by Brenton Maart, the exhibition is titled , both an exhibition and a book, is the fruit of a series of interactions between a group of artists, scientists and writers, whose work has included the consideration of bones.Driven by White farmers to fulfil needs for cheap labour, they successfully lobbied for legislation. This forced cash-tenants (people who rented their land from farmers) to become labour tenants (people who worked for 3-9 months per year without pay on farms in exchange for being allowed to live there). Legislation such as the 1920 Native Affairs Act, the 1924 Class Areas Bill, the 1934 Slums Act and many more, led up to the eventual enforcement of separate 'Group Areas' from 1950 onward, resulting in mass evictions and forced removals. A good example of one of the ways that legislation forced people unjustly from their homes is the anti-squatting legislation in 18.

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    And, unlike others who glimpsed the potential of the Internet in China, she didn’t speak fluent English. She’d grown up on a farm, and her voice trembled before crowds.