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Linen or thick knit would add volume to your shoulders.To make your upper part of your body appear smaller, wear shirts and tops in colors that are darker or more muted than the skirts or pants you wear.Tip 1: If you are busty, get a good bra that separates your breasts from your tummy.Tip 2: Wrap a sweater around your waist for more waist definition. The idea is to divert the main attention to the lower part of your body.You are a rare breed because the inverted triangle body shape is the least common type found among women: something cosmic.

Go for sleeves that make your shoulders appear smaller, like kimono, batwings, dolman or raglan sleeves.This will give you a more balanced figures and counteracts the wider top volume of an inverted triangle figure.Flared sleeves also work well for an inverted triangle.Instead use darker or muted colors on your top half).Add volume and play with as many details and embellishments as you want on your bottom half to visually broaden it.

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