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...marriages arranged through these services would appear to have a lower divorce rate than the nation as a whole; fully 80 percent of these marriages have lasted over the years for which reports are available.One explanation for this might be the fact that both the bride and groom have a real expectation to make this work.

International dating simply takes the idea of online dating and moves it to the next level.

It just makes you wonder how many people missed out on truly meeting their soul mates in generations past because they were unable to travel easily on an international scale.

Perhaps that's why we see a higher divorce rate in domestic marriage relationships?

Sure, there are isolated cases where a girl cons some poor guy out of some cash and then takes off once she gets her papers, but the reason you hear about these things is because they sell newspapers and get ratings on TV. There are millions of sweet, sexy, and caring young women that truly want a long-term relationship with a Western man.

In fact, the best official estimates in the United States and the European Union show that marriages that start on international dating sites are actually more successful overall than other marriages. Robert J Scholes, in an official report to the United States Congress, noted...

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