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Underneath the box, he has grey hair, and dusty aqua eyes.He was the third person to join The Constellations Crew after meeting Ry when the crew made a stop on Neptune.Quoto is searching for his former fiance, Muna, who had Alzheimer's disease. Yavis loved Vanni's mother, and in a fit of jealousy, killed her and his father. Vanni is searching for a way to bring Yavis back to life to make him suffer for his actions.Their families were very close, and although he never really loved her in a romantic way, Quoto proposed to make them happy.

Earthlings aren't the only ones who don't classify Pluto as a planet.

She joins The Constellations Crew to see if she can bring him back to life.

An 18 year-old boy from Pluto, with black hair and pink eyes.

Likes: Wind Chime, Candle, Apple, Finger Piano A boy with blue eyes and blue hair, who likes pandas.

He is 16, from Saturn and is the captain of the Constellations Crew. Mag is a Capricorn and is represented by the constellation Serpens.

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