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This lesson shows you how to request regular updates about a device's location using the method in the fused location provider.

The last known location of the device provides a handy base from which to start, ensuring that the app has a known location before starting the periodic location updates.

It's moved enough that it's out of range of the tower it was talking to and its service is handed to the next tower.

At that time, if any apps are registered for location updates, the phone fires up its GPS, gets its coordinates, and feeds them to those apps.

Share your location automatically or check in at specific places to share them with friends and gain status there. Check in and gain status at the places you go to share with friends.

● See your friends on a map – find out who’s nearby and meet up.

Google Latitude app has been update to version 2.2.1 with several major changes and improvements.

Between my office and my house (like 10 miles) it got eight or nine sets of coordinates. I charge my phone when it needs it (rather than, say, nightly), and I didn't notice it needing it more than usual when my little app was running.As well as the geographical location (latitude and longitude), you may want to give the user further information such as the bearing (horizontal direction of travel), altitude, or velocity of the device.This information, and more, is available in the , as illustrated in the lesson on Getting the Last Known Location, a more direct approach is to request periodic updates from the fused location provider.But, if one were to run this type of app fully in the background (for example, how some jailbroken apps do), it would be using a significant amount more of power.Google, the publisher behind many i OS app (Google Authenticator , Google Shopper , Google Search , Gmail , Google Earth , Google TV Remote), brings Google Latitude with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes.

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