Gold digger dating service

“She didn’t carry one of those handbags in the crook of her arm, she wasn’t tipping over with jewelry — all those telltale signs.” But after a few weeks of dating, red flags began to pop up: She refused to dine at midpriced restaurants, and when she invited him out to a bar to meet her pals, he was expected to pick up the tab for her 14 friends.“My girlfriend said, ‘Why don’t you buy drinks for everyone?

“I’m very satisfied with her vetting methods,” says Michael.

According to Sussman, it’s not a woman’s earnings (or lack thereof) that predict “gold digger” status — but rather a sense of entitlement: She never reaches for her wallet and insists on the best of everything.

“There’s a level of financial expectation.” Male moneybags in NYC have figured out their own determining factors for a gold digger.

’” Over the course of a year of dating, there were extravagant trips to Europe and, for her birthday, he splurged on a Cartier watch.

But when his birthday rolled around five months later, he was treated to a “mediocre” restaurant, sans present.

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