Girl vs guys dating

In this Ask Reddit thread, someone asked bisexual members to discuss the biggest and most surprising differences between dating guys and dating girls.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have a female significant other vs.

a male significant other, this is the article you want to be reading.

There’s lots of interesting info in the Reddit thread, but I’ve pulled out some of the smartest and most interesting comments that basically sum up what everyone was trying to say.

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With women, everyone will assume you're just best friends.

Women are softer and more responsive to physical cues, where as men tend to be like, "this is what I've done before and no one ever said it sucked so I'll keep doing it! This was the biggest thing I took from this thread. Source: i Stockzoomer27: -Male bisexual here (yes, we do exist).

Guys that I've been with have been more vocal about experimenting in bed. Think "new positions." I think women are equally interested in experimenting, but I tend to have to initiate that conversation.

talking to a guy on Grindr (which, btw, is an app I do not use).

Source: i Stock Cpt Snowcone: [F] this is going to be surprising i think but i've found that all the women i've been with have had a generally higher libido and are willing to be a little more pushy about it then then men that i've dated are Very interesting!

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