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I'm not bisexual and have only dated men, but it's very rare I meet any kind of dude who understands what venting is. There are crazy bitches and crazy dickheads on both sides. Source: i Stockdefacemock: Ex girlfriends easily transitioned to the friend zone and stayed....boyfriends, not so easy, and not so much. It always seems like guys are okay with breakups, but they usually take them worse.

Source: Shutter Stock Onceuponatim3: Let me tell you what didn't surprise me. This is funny to me, because a lot of people like to say things like, "I'm becoming a lesbian, girls are easier to understand than guys! Source: i Stockmangogirl27: My experience comes as someone who is not much of a talker at all (to the point that it can frustrate people around me at times) but who is a hell of a listener.

The women I've been with have largely let me take the lead until they are more comfortable with me. I'm not sure which I prefer — it's fun and exciting to have someone else initiate something new, but it can be unsettling if you don't know the person well.

Women tend to be much more aware of their surroundings, more cautious, and careful about people they are interacting with whom they don't know well.

(I'd like to point out that I was never treated badly as a result of this.

It was always just interesting to watch people do a double take when they met my new partner, especially because several of them have had gender-neutral names.) Source: i Stock Naeva The Cat: Female here.

It was really weird when I dated a guy after dating a girl, because he assumed I would want to fill traditional roles.

Wearing makeup for my girlfriend means trying new things, because she'll notice the more subtle things and appreciate the wilder stuff. Source: i Stockthisisaonetimeoffer: I (female) find that being with women is a lot more secure in a way.Even though the stereotype is that women are the big talkers, I've found that both genders love to talk when they feel they are really being listened to.The main difference I've found is that men love to talk about themselves and women love to talk about other people.a male significant other, this is the article you want to be reading.There’s lots of interesting info in the Reddit thread, but I’ve pulled out some of the smartest and most interesting comments that basically sum up what everyone was trying to say.

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