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The schedule for these sessions is on the diocesan website.employee or volunteer must take the 3-hour in-person PGC training for adults at one of the locations throughout the diocese.If you do not know enough about a computer to monitor your child’s activities with chat rooms, games, and websites, take the time to learn about it.Educate yourself about the different rating systems used in the entertainment industry.The child molester knows this behavior will not be tolerated. So, how can parents recognize when someone is using these tools to trap their child?Communication is key to learning whether an adult who interacts with your child is grooming your child through the use of sexually explicit material and language.

Children might blurt out language that indicates they know words that they should not know or use.

Some parenting-related websites include current “teen slang” dictionaries to assist parents in having effective conversations with teens.

In short, keep a clear head and a calm demeanor and continue to learn about their world.

Learn Learn about things in your child’s world that a molester could use as access points.

For example, most children are computer literate at an early age.

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