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Some time later, Thon arrived on the Jedi world of Ossus, fully trained in the ways of the Force.

He gave no indication of where he came from and how he had learned his powers, and so he was of great interest to the Jedi Masters.

Thon was cautious and unsure about leaving his planet initially; he was afraid that if his species' intelligence was known, they would be ruthlessly exploited by the criminals of the galaxy.

However, the Jedi Master agreed to keep the Tchuukthai's intelligence a secret, and trained Thon in the ways of the Force.

He assisted in the evacuation of Ossus before the planet was devastated by a supernova unleashed by the Sith, and was present at Yavin 4 when Exar Kun made his final stand and was defeated, ending the war.

Thon was one of the few Jedi Masters to survive the conflict.

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The few Tchuukthai who left their homeworld were considered little more than savage beasts by most members of galactic society, until their true intellect was discovered by a Jedi Master, whose name was eventually lost to time.Thon stayed on Ossus for several years before departing the Jedi planet to search of somewhere more remote to train his students in peace.Thon wore no clothes, and carried only a single item—an ancient lightsaber—as he wandered across the galaxy in his ship, guided only by the Force.He was a master of every power known to the Jedi, and even taught the other Masters several powers unknown to them at the time.Thon's response to any questions about his origin was always the same: "It is better that you do not know—at least, not yet." The other Jedi accepted this explanation, though it heightened their interest in the reclusive Jedi Master.

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