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After much of its natural resources had been exhausted, the planet became the home of a Sith sorceress, who, although her name was eventually forgotten, was recorded in the archives of the Jedi Order on Ossus.Using her Sith powers, she constructed a great obelisk infused with the dark side where, once completed, she attempted to conduct an ancient Sith ritual.

Thon landed on the surface of the barren planet and was immediately ambushed by the Sith spirits, which he easily repelled with his superior knowledge of the Force.One day a place outside the reaches of his ship's sensors, surrounded by dark side energies, caught Thon's attention.For some time, Thon meditated on its presence as the Force guided his ship to the location of the energies.The Jedi befriended Thon on the Tchuukthai's planet, and taught him much about the galaxy.Thon was intrigued at the wonders of the greater galaxy, and eventually the Jedi Master offered to teach his friend in the ways of the light side of the Force.

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