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An introduction to expository writing through a comprehensive survey of forms of composition.Students are taught to use words with precision and strengthen their understanding and application of grammatical and rhetorical principles.Health requirements required for clinical courses are extensive and may total several hundred dollars.The costs of these health requirements are borne by the student.Please note, however, that students have the right to obtain traditional textbooks, and/or certain required items, from other sources.Students who demonstrate that they have obtained required item(s) from another source may return the items distributed by the College and receive a refund of the amount charged by the College for the specific item.Through a program that provides a strong foundation in healthcare fundamentals and hands-on learning in simulated environments, students also learn necessary communication and interpersonal skills.Students may select either a Patient Care Technician or Surgical Processing Technician concentration.

This course provides an orientation to Berkeley College’s computer framework including Blackboard, content collection, and portfolio development.Therefore, only a PCT course in which students receive at least a C will satisfy the course requirements for the Patient Care Technician program.To qualify for graduation, students enrolled in the Patient Care Technician (PCT) specialization must pass all PCT courses with a minimum grade of C as well as participate in the Certified Patient Care Technician/Assistant (CPCT/A) certification examination.Sample Program Sequence This program prepares students to work with doctors, nurses, and other professionals, overseeing and monitoring patients and providing direct care. Graduates can apply program credits toward the Health Sciences A. Benefit from: Provides students with a comprehensive introduction to the American healthcare system.Graduates are eligible to sit for a variety of certification examinations and can apply program credits toward the Health Sciences A. This course explains the structures and operations of healthcare organizations, explores the forces responsible for shaping the system, and considers the policies influencing the system’s current and future performance.

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