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he spends the entire hour asking Paxman-style questions about your private life; he tells you you’re even better looking than he remembered; he has done next to no research on your employer, who he was supposedly so interested in hearing all about.he arrives with folders full of his previous work, and a couple of versions of his CV he wants you to edit on the spot; he eagerly accepts your offer to pay on your corporate Amex and orders himself a wildly expensive glass of vintage brandy to ensure he’s got his money’s worth.It’s been a couple of months since you were horribly, unceremoniously dumped and you conclude the only remedy is to get back on the dating wagon.You mention this to your inner circle during your weekly powwow over coffee.You clearly remember his cute dark-rimmed glasses, and he’s got a great tone on e-mail so you eagerly accept his offer to buy you lunch.

A year on from their infamous 2017 Super Bowl bet, Bouchard and University of Missouri marketing student Goehrke returned on the scene as guests of the NFL to Super Bowl LII in Minnesota on Monday.

You even organise a second assignation, a trip to a show. A Matt Damon lookalike joins your team at work, sending a shudder of excitement through the whole office.

Blue eyes, cute T-shirts, perfect skin and an extraordinarily considerate manner; he’s always happy to grab you a sandwich along with his own and is full of tips for the hottest new bars in town. When he asks you if you fancy a bite to eat one night you’re the envy of the team. you meet on a Saturday at his suggestion; he glances back at you and smiles wistfully each time he leaves you to make a trip to the bar; he patiently waits with you while he tries to hail you a cab home.

But before the pair could answer the burning question if they are dating for real, the Q&A was cheekily shut down.“Unfortunately, due to technical difficulites, our Q&A with @geniebouchard & John has ended,” NFL Canada tweeted.

Since Goehrke’s Hail Mary bet with Bouchard to go on a date with him if New England won last year’s Super Bowl, social media has speculated the two could be an item.

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