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Is Facebook the only app with these "invasive" permissions? I want to start with reacting to a video that I saw shared around social media a few years ago when I wrote this post.In it, two news anchors were discussing the recent Facebook Messenger App and how many users are worried that Facebook is crossing the line and invading everyone's privacy.Christmas 2016 had the highest number of reactions used on posts in a single day, a Facebook representative told New York Magazine.On Christmas day of 2016, the 'Love' reaction was also the most used emoji.The love reaction was the most popular emoji this past year despite the 'like' thumbs up already having existed to react positively to posts.The ability to react in more ways than simply 'liking' a Facebook post had been a long time coming.Instead, the Facebook reaction emoji's included an angry emoji and a crying emoji which also express negative emotions.The thumbs-down button in the Messenger app will be the most prominent position given to a 'negative' or 'no' feature added to the social network.

The love symbol accounted for more than half of the reactions people used on Facebook in the first year they were active (not including the standard like reaction)Facebook launched its popular reaction emoji's in early 2016 and it's been revealed that the 'Love' reaction is the most popular one.

Among the available reactions are 'Like', 'Love', 'Haha', 'Sad' and 'Angry.'Since they've been released, the reaction emoji's have been used over 300 billion times.

The love reaction accounted for more than half of the reactions people used on Facebook in their first year (not including the standard like reaction).

All members of Messenger chat groups can see the reactions if they are added, and a small counter will keep tabs on the number of responses a particular message receives.

Twitter user @hoandesign shared his discovery that some users can now add emojis as responses to chat messages.

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