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In 2015 alone, 33 cases of fatal tramadol overdose were reported in Northern Ireland, more than deaths from cocaine and heroin combined.As governments around the world have cracked down, black market tramadol has become an increasing source of money for criminals — with Egypt and her neighbours a significant point in the drug’s flow.And with this rise in popularity came recreational abuse and addiction.According to the UK government’s drug education service, ‘although tramadol is not as strong as heroin, it shares many of the same effects and both are addictive’.

The country has become both a major transit route and ready market for the drug since international criminal gangs and Islamist terror groups began to realise its black market value.Of course the plunge in tourist numbers led to a similarly sharp fall in local holiday prices, which is what might have attracted Laura Plummer to Sharm el Sheik in 2014.It was there at the Hilton Sharks Bay resort that she met her Egyptian lover, who was working at the 630-room hotel.Mr Saad was already married with children, but he and the young Yorkshire woman ‘fell in love’ and, bizarrely, a long-distance, semi-official love triangle was agreed upon.That arrangement might have continued but for the fact that the Egyptian suffered from chronic back pain due to a car crash.

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