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If it is not prescribed by a medical professional, tramadol is prohibited in Egypt and its supply can be punishable by death.

She now subsists on bread and water in a shared cell at the Hurghada police station pending transfer to a dedicated facility somewhere else in Egypt’s hopelessly overcrowded and deeply unpleasant prison system.

When he asked devoted Miss Plummer to bring him painkillers from England, she was only too keen to ease his discomfort — but her attempts to help have shattered her life and created international headlines.

The country has become both a major transit route and ready market for the drug since international criminal gangs and Islamist terror groups began to realise its black market value.The orfi documents are colloquially known as ‘f*** papers’ because sex is more often than not their raison d’etre.Miss Plummer’s family said she visited Egypt for a fortnight several times a year to spend time with her ‘husband’.A ship carrying no less than 26 million tramadol tablets was reportedly intercepted in the Mediterranean in the summer of 2016 by Greek authorities.The drugs — produced in India — were destined for Libya.

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