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time period." Bob Brush noted that, "When Kevin became 16 and 17, there were really things he needed to get to that we couldn't do at 8 p.m., especially with the kind of venerable cachet that the show had obtained with its audience.

We would get notes from the network saying, "You could do this on any show besides The Wonder Years." Other reasons for the show's cancellation were escalating costs and declining ratings.

Said Marlens, "[We saw] a marvelous actor with a natural quality – which essentially means he has no quality at all except being a kid.

It sounds funny, but it's a rare thing to find in a child actor." Marlens and Black took this approach when casting the other kids for the show, looking for natural ability rather than professionalism.

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When they started writing the series, Marlens and Black took a script for a future film that they had been toying with, which featured an off-screen narrator.If you're writing an essay and suddenly get inspired, you've got to stop and go back to work." The suit brought a lot of unwanted publicity to the show.In the end, the case was settled out of court, with Savage stating that he was "completely exonerated", adding that it was a "terrible experience".The basic setup, the neighborhood, the era – that's the time and place where we grew up." The search for the main lead of the show did not take long.Marlens and Black went to five casting directors and interviewed them for recommendations.

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