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She self-released a debut album "Violet Journey" in 2005 and re-released it to Australian mass market in 2007 via a distribution deal with Universal Music Australia.

They describe their journey as "a true Bonnie and Clyde rock'n'roll kind of story”, instantly connecting four years ago in Hawaii when Orianthi was performing with Alice Cooper, and then travelling around the world writing and recording together.

I don't read it anymore, 'cause some of the stuff people say…

Incurring the displeasure of King John in the controversies of that turbulent period, Hugh fled to the northward, and found safety at Mardale, having for refuge a cave still known as ‘Hugh’s Cave.’ He subsequently purchased the Dalesmans estate, which is still in possession of his descendants.”In time, in the early days of the peopling of New England, there came a number of the Holmes name to our shores, and from two of them, John Holmes of Plymouth, and William Holmes, of Marshfield, the most of the families bearing the name of Holmes in the Old Colony were descended, and of them said the genealogist Vinton, “So far as the present writer (Vinton) is aware, they have always sustained a high character for intelligence, thrift and all the moral virtues.” The early Holmes or Holme genealogy, as compiled by Gustav Anjou, is substantially as follows: John Holmes, of whom nothing further is known except that he was the father of Robert, of Paul Holme, who with wife Annas had two sons Sir Oliver, of Paul Holme, controller to Empress Maud, and knighted 18th Stephen (1152), was the father of Robert, of Paul Holme, Esquire, living temp.

He married Ancoretta, daughter of Peter de la Twyer, Esq., and had: Sir Richard, son of John Holme and Ancoretta de la Twyer, was knighted 1st Edw.

It's such a weird world that we live in now, especially when you think about the Internet.

On May 10 the tension boiled over onto Twitter, where Lund wrote (and later deleted): “Kinda sick of @orianthi & her BAD hair extensions.

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